Son los que Son | Casa Gemela

Son los que Son

Saturday April 13 - 19 hrs

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Son los que Son

A Son de Latinoamérica · Sones de México, Cuba, Venezuela y EU

Saturday April 13

19 hrs

Casa Gemela Itzimná Casa Gemela Itzimná

$450.00 MXN | general admission


Come and live a joyful night to the rhythm of the traditional sounds of Mexico and Cuba, an evening of good music in the front row with the incredible voice of Charo Nieto and the violin of the great maestro Moisés Medina. Sones huapangos, pirekuas and bambucos will brighten up the terrace of our Casa Gemela.

Gozar para el bienestar, un son para el corazón.

  • Moisés Medina · Violin
  • Charo Nieto · Voice
  • Gustavo Cornejo · Jarana
  • Oscar Terán · Bass

+ ABOUT Son los que Son

The ensemble "Son los que Son" was created as a result of the immense will to promote and maintain the combination of listening to and performing folk music from which our roots are made.
Our commitment is to legitimately promote styles such as: sones huastecos, balonas, jaranas, huapangos, pirekuas, bambucos, among others, a current style of new interpretation.
We chose the format of jarana, double bass, violin and voice due to the versatility of the instruments to adapt to different genres, emphasizing that the jarana is a Mexican instrument that became popular between 1950 and 1960, quickly adapting to the latitudes of the region called Huasteca, which contributed the mid tones to the harmony, sustained by the huapanguera, and to the melody carried by the violin, representing a great musical impulse for the sones.
Responsible for the global health situation that afflicts us, it highlights our enthusiasm for what we feel and for what we do, we offer the music that saw us grow with all the respect that the public deserves, we trust that it will be to everyone's complete satisfaction .
“Enjoy for well-being, a sound for the heart”


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