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Space rental | Lineamientos

- The reservation of the space is made with 50% in advance.

- The event must end before 24:00 hours.

- It is not allowed to hang any object on walls, ceilings, etc.


- Rent of the place for hours.

- Security personnel.

- Cleaning before and after the event.

- A coordinator is assigned by Casa Gemela.

- Space for suppliers.

- Covered spaces.

- Equipment installed in each of the spaces.


Casa Gemela is a space where the past and present, a place where the art. A house that expresses with its architecture a neocolonial identity that has distinguished the urban landscapes of the Itzimná neighborhood and the Mexico colony.

A gallery where we meet again with the fine arts, in addition to opening a forum that connects with passion, expression and feeling with an unparalleled closeness between spectator and artist.

This emblematic project, in the words of its founders, its mission is to spread, promote and foster cultural production and art that contributes to human development integral and inclusive of the whole society Yucatecan; that, with a lot of effort, before the difficulties and challenges in these times of pandemic, it has been completed.