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Casa Gemela: Before and After


Casa Gemela opens its doors, a new cultural space in Mérida

This April 22, Casa Gemela opened its doors, a new artistic space and culture in the Itzimná neighborhood of Mérida. The property is owned by Sonia González and Francisco Tapia. The restoration of the place was in charge of Luciano Cedillo, CEO of the Fractal Conservation Company.

This emblematic project, in the words of its founders, has the mission of spreading, promote and encourage cultural and artistic production that contributes to development integral and inclusive human of all Yucatecan society; that, with much effort, Given the difficulties and challenges in these times of pandemic, we have been able to complete it.

La jornada maya

José Luis García offers an exhibition at the Casa Gemela cultural center

For the Oaxacan artist José Luis García “the earth is everything, it is life”, However over the years, due to the rush lifestyle, he considers that people have forgotten the true importance of this vital element, reaching the point of spitting at him.

One of its aims is to transform matter and earth into something more poetic. With his exhibition "This is a place for the earth", which is open to the public until the month of August in the Casa Gemela cultural center, seeks let people again admire and contemplate the splendor of the earth.

La jornada maya